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GOP Rep. : There Are 'Too Many Mosques In This Country'

GOP Rep. : There Are 'Too Many Mosques In This Country'

"I refuse to be silent any longer. I refuse to be party to an illegal and immoral war against people who did nothing to deserve our aggression. My oath of office is to protect and defend America's laws and its people. By refusing unlawful orders for an illegal war, I fulfill that oath today." - U.S. Army First Lt. Ehren Watada

"Foolish men imagine that because judgment for an evil thing is delayed, there is no justice...Judgment for an evil thing is many times delayed...but it is sure as life, it is sure as death.": Thomas Caryle

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Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered Since The U.S. Invaded Iraq 1,051,145


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America'sWar On Iraq 3,791

Cost of U.S. War and Occupation of Iraq

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Petraeus Lets Slip the Ugly Truth of this War
By Andrew Sullivan
When historians look back on the past week in Washington, I suspect they will see it as a seminal moment. It was the moment when the president and his party recommitted themselves to an indefinite, decades-long Iraq occupation, and when the Iraq war was formally handed over to the next president, with forces near the maxed-out 2006 level.
Checkbook Imperialism
The Blackwater Fiasco
By Robert Scheer
Please, please, I tell myself, leave Orwell out of it. Find some other, fresher way to explain why "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is dependent upon killer mercenaries. Or why the "democratically elected government" of "liberated" Iraq does not explicitly have the legal power to expel Blackwater USA from its land or hold any of the 50,000 private contractor troops that the U.S. government has brought to Iraq accountable for their deadly actions.
At What Price, Safety?
By Cindy Sheehan
I am consistently amazed at things that right-wing nut jobs throw at me to justify their support of an unjustifiable war. Seriously, when you watch Generals, Ambassadors, Senators and Congress Reps and pundits who still cheerlead for a miserable, failed and murderous policy you can almost see the skepticism in their eyes, too. They know they are lying for their masters now, if they, like George and Dick didn't always know they were lying.
Senate Bars Bill to Restore Detainee Rights
By Susan Cornwell
The Senate voted on Wednesday against considering a measure to give Guantanamo detainees and other foreigners the right to challenge their detention in the U.S. courts. The legislation needed 60 votes to be considered by lawmakers in the Senate, narrowly controlled by Democrats; it received only 56, with 43 voting against the effort to roll back a key element of President George W. Bush's war on terrorism.
GOP Rep. : There Are 'Too Many Mosques In This Country'
1 Minute Video
When asked to clarify his statement, King did not revise his answer, saying "I think there has been a lack of full cooperation from too many people in the Muslim community.
Iraq; At least 21 killed as U.S. occupation grinds on:
The Iraqi army killed 14 gunmen and wounded three during clashes in eastern Mosul, 390 km (240 miles) north of Baghdad, the Iraqi army said
5 US soldiers killed in occupied Iraq :
The latest fatalities brought the occupying military's losses in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion to 3,788, according to Pentagon figures, but unofficial sources across the country put the figure at much higher.
Iraqi prime minister disputes Blackwater USA's version of deadly shooting :
A preliminary review by the Interior Ministry found Blackwater security guards fired at a car when it did not heed a policeman's call to stop, killing a couple and their infant. The report said Blackwater helicopters also had fired - a finding the company denied. The Defense Ministry said 20 Iraqis were killed, considerably higher than the 11 dead reported before.
US agrees on British plans to withdraw from Iraq, says Petraeus:
The remaining 5,500-strong UK force at Basra Air Station is due to be reduced by a further 500 over the coming weeks
Richardson: Troops Add to Iraq Unrest:
Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson on Wednesday called for the U.S. to end the war in Iraq, arguing that the troops exacerbate the sectarian violence and the billions spent could be used for health care and other needs.
Democrats drop push for immediate withdrawal in apparent effort to blame Republicans:
Unable to attract enough war-weary Republicans, Senate Democrats are abandoning calls for a full withdrawal of US troops from Iraq as the chamber resumes debating the war this week.
Guns, not roses, for Iraq:
The U.S. is selling billions in weapons to Iraq. Is the Pentagon's plan making the country secure or arming it to the teeth for civil war?
US Guard chief: Billions more needed for equipment:
The U.S. National Guard has been strained by multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and faces equipment shortfalls totaling tens of billions of dollars, the Guard's top general said on Wednesday.
Six killed in clashes in s.east Turkey:
Five Kurdish guerrillas and one Turkish security official were killed in clashes in southeastern Turkey on Wednesday, army sources said.
Adm. Fallon Presses Case Against Iran:
The top U.S. military commander for the Middle East is pressing Arab allies to form a more united front against Iran, seen by Washington as the region's long-term threat.
Iran 'ready to retaliate' if Israel attacks:
Iran, responding to Western debate about the possibility of war over its nuclear plans, said today it would use any means to defend itself if attacked and could bomb Israel if the Jewish state launched a strike.
Ambassador: Iran targets military bases of aggressors:
Iran's Ambassador to Kuwait City Ali Jannati said on Wednesday that in case of any military attack on Iran, the country will target all US military bases used for Washington's attack.
ElBaradei: No reason to go beyond diplomacy in dealing with Iran:
When a country speaks of using force, it should bear in mind that such a move will work only if all other options have been used and proved useless and that its implementation should be within the framework of the UN Security Council, he noted.
Rice warns U.N. arms chief on Iran offers :
"It is not up to anybody to diminish or to begin to cut back on the obligations that the Iranians have been ordered to take" by the U.N. Security Council, Rice said.
Manufacturing Consent For War With Iran? :
Syrian military blast explained:
A Syrian military installation rocked by an explosion in July was being used to develop chemical weapons, and Iranian engineers were among those killed, a respected defence publication has reported.
Lebanese MP dies in bombing:
An anti-Syrian Lebanese MP and at least six other people have been killed in a car bomb in Beirut.
Israel to reduce power and fuel supplies to Gaza:
Hamas described the move, "They aim to starve our people and force them to bow and accept humiliating formulas that could emerge from the so-called November peace conference," a Hamas spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, said.
UN chief: Cutting off fuel to Gaza is violation of international law :
United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Israel on Wednesday to reconsider its decision to declare the Gaza Strip an enemy entity, warning that any cutoff of vital services would violate international law and punish the already suffering civilian population.
Rice backs Israel decision on Gaza :
The US has mirrored the decision of Israel and declared the Gaza Strip to be a "hostile entity".
Gaza sanctions 'declaration of war' says Hamas :
'It is a declaration of war and continues the criminal, terrorist Zionist actions against our people,' said Fawzi Barhoum, a spokesman for Hamas in the coastal enclave.
Dems Eating Their Own to Defend AIPAC:
Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) made a very big mistake, at least as far as the Democratic leadership in the House is concerned. He told the truth about AIPAC's unhealthy influence on American politics:
Senior police officer shot dead in southern Afghanistan:
A senior police officer has been shot dead and his bodyguard injured by unidentified gunmen on the outskirts of Ghazni city in southern Afghanistan, officials said Wednesday.
Major Afghan offensive launched :
This is the biggest operation in the province since June and a key part of a wider plan to push the Taleban north.
Militants capture 7 Pak soldiers:
Pro-Taliban militants attacked a military checkpost in Tall town near North Waziristan on Wednesday and captured seven Pakistani soldiers, officials said.
Heavy fighting kills 2 civilians in occupied Mogadishu:
Heavy fighting between insurgents and Somali government troops around Mogadishu's Bakara Market overnight killed at least two civilians, a witness said on Wednesday.
'Human catastrophe looming in occupied Somalia' :
Interior Minister Mohamed Mohamud Guled said a humanitarian catastrophe was looming because of the combined effect of acute food shortages and conflict in the eastern African nation.
Republicans pushed 'bogus' terror threat to expand FISA, lawmaker says:
Republicans and the Bush administration used a 'bogus' terror threat that raised specific fears of an attack on the Capitol to scare lawmakers into adopting a dramatic temporary expansion of the government's spy powers last month, a former top intelligence committee Democrat said Wednesday.
Are Democrats planning still worse FISA capitulations?:
The enactment in August by the Democratic Congress of new eavesdropping powers for the President was one of the worst, if not the single worst, acts of capitulation to the Bush White House.
Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser:
A Clay County woman's family said it's seeking justice after their loved one died shortly after being shocked 10 times with Taser guns during a confrontation with police.
All thirteen subpoenaed congressmembers refuse to provide documents, testimony in bribery case:
Acting on advice of the House general counsel, all 13 members of Congress who have been subpoenaed for documents and testimony by the lawyer for a man accused of bribing jailed former Congressman Rep. Duke Cunningham will refuse to comply.
America's Addiction to Debt Finally Crashes the System:
Market evangelists created the wreckage, but ordinary working people will bear the greatest burden.
Almighty US dollar turns into 'American peso':
Since 2001 the dollar has lost more than half its value against the euro. It now costs nearly $1.40 to buy one euro. And it isn't just the euro that seems to be growing stronger against the US dollar. It has declined against many other major world currencies, and even including minor ones like our peso, reflecting the dollar's loss of purchasing power.
Current Foreclosure Crisis Deemed the Worst in U.S. History:
According to the most recent foreclosure numbers released by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), the U.S. is embroiled in the worst foreclosure crisis in recorded history. More than 14 percent of subprime borrowers are defaulting, and prime borrowers are beginning to follow suit.
U-turn raises heat on UK Bank governor:
Mervyn King will be forced to mount a public defence of his reputation as Bank of England governor after being driven into a striking policy U-turn on Wednesday in a bid to ease pressure on the UK banking system.
Chief strategist at CLSA predicts record gold run:
It would be the biggest run on gold since the attempted French invasion of Britain of 1797 that sent prices through the roof.
Housing construction falls to 12-year low:
Data indicate real estate slump is worsening
Housing layoffs:
Struggling companies in the mortgage and housing sectors have cut more than 80,000 jobs this year
Failed Lender Makes Grab for Employee Funds:
Bankrupt American Home Mortgage is attempting to seize as much as $27 million that former employees set aside from paychecks for retirement, according to an attorney representing them.
Paulson Asks Congress to Lift Debt Limit: The limit is $8.965 trillion.
Unless Congress votes to raise it, the country would be unable to borrow more money to keep the government operating and to pay debt obligations coming due.

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