By Curtis Duncan

The free love/sexual liberation movement was another clever concoction created by elitist men who run this corporation or so-called country known as the United States for purposes of control. This movement was an extension of the feminist movement which was created by the Rockefellers and CIA to break up the family institution and to further exploit women by convincing them to do any and every thing a man could do. They promoted this movement under the guise of gender equality which is a fraud in of itself. If a woman is equal to a man, then what is she? She is a man herself and the whole feminist movement was designed for that purpose, to have women become the new men.

Part of this feminist agenda was to encourage women to start having sex like men too. Women were encouraged to be promiscuous and to have casual sex like men traditionally did and this was promoted under the banner of sexual liberation. The only problem was that women who wanted to engage in this new found sexual liberated lifestyle had to worry about pregnancy. No problem though, Rockefeller’s Medical Monopoly was right there to sell their new product for women’s sexual liberation, the birth control pill. I actually suspect that the whole reason why free love/sexual liberation was promoted was to sell more of those birth control pills. Billions of dollars were definitely made by “sexually liberated” women taking them to prevent conception. It is a concept known as manufacturing demand. Create demand for a product within a given market via advertising, fraud, manipulation, or deception and then sell an accompanying product to meet that demand.

On a side note, selling women the birth control pill would further create demand for more chemotherapy drugs made by Rockefeller’s same Medical Monopoly as birth control pills cause just about every cancer found prevalent in women.

The birth control pill was actually one of the inventions of early free love and eugenics leader, Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger actually got her financing for Planned Parenthood from the Rockefellers as they were big proponents of eugenics or scientific racism which sought to eliminate certain genetic pools from the planet, i.e. Blacks and immigrants and to reduce the world’s population via abortion. Abortions were definitely a major theme promoted within the free love/sexual liberation movement as many unwanted pregnancies occurred during the age of promsciousity that resulted. No problem again, if you get an unwanted pregnancy be sure to visit your local Planned Parenthood. Again more money is in the bank via abortions when women become more promiscuous.

The idea of sexual liberation is really odd within itself. The fact that women were encouraged to engage in promiscuous sex like men does not denote sexual liberation. Before this movement, many women in this country did not have sex until marriage. Many women embraced old religious and Victorian ideals pertaining to sex which kept them suppressed. But in a matter of years, women went from rejecting free love to fully embracing free love and being sexually free. However, is being promscious really sexual freedom? Absolutely not. Sexual freedom is mental it has absolutely nothing to do with how a woman expresses her sexuality.

Many women before the sexual liberation had severe sexual repression and negative programming pertaining to sex and many women carried this programming over into their sexually free days and ended up sexually punishing themselves. Most of our thinking and programming is completely unconscious and not controlled by our conscious mind. When many began to be a “naughty girl”, then feelings of guilt and shame were created. As a result, their unconscious mind sought situations and circumstances to punish some of these “naughty” women. This is metaphysics and Universal Law. Before sexual liberation, there were only 4 STD’s and now there are 24 according to Wikipedia! This is an example of our minds can create things based on the programming that is within it. Of course, women who contracted these STD’s was also good for business. More anti-biotics could be sold!

Many elitist men were also eager to exploit this new found sexual freedom that women now had. Remember this movement was created for the exploitation of women especially sexually. Sexually free women would now have no problem starring in porn films and being in other pornographic forms of entertainment. Hugh Hefner himself was actually a big proponent of “free love”. I wonder why? Porn has exploded since the early 1960s and it remains probably one of the most misogynistic and exploitative forms of entertainment that is out there.

However, pornography is actually considered to be apart of women’s sexual liberation. Feminists actually state this! This dichotomy of women going from sexual suppression to gross expression (accepted promsciousity and pornography) reminds me of the comment that Osho mentioned. He said “Priests and religious leaders repress sex and the anti-priests (those who sell sex via magazines, etc.) make sex more glamorous. Although they appear to be enemies, in fact, they are the flip side of the same coin. They are one and the same”. Billions of dollars have been made by men via porn by promoting sexual liberation to women. Women need to understand that their bodies are a pimp’s greatest profit venture. The pimps in this case are politicians, priests, pornographers, corporations, international bankers, and doctors. All of these individuals and organizations have their own agenda pertaining to women and their bodies but liberation will never be apart of it!

Now that sexual freedom and accepted promsciousity has become, to a significant degree, the order of society what has been happened? According to WikiPedia:
“Since the sexual revolution, out-of-wedlock births, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, and divorce have all risen considerably. Since the 60s, marriage has declined by a 1/3 and divorce has doubled. During the 1960s there were only four big STDs, now there are twenty-four. Since the sexual revolution, children living in single-parent families has tripled”.

An increase in disease

Due to the sexual liberation movement, more and more women have gotten STD’s as a result and many times they contract this disease for unconscious reasons i.e. feelings of shame and guilt. Even worse, due to the sexual liberation movement that started in the 1960s, many women got on the birth control pill. The birth control pill has killed more women than any other drug in the last 40 years. It is one of the main reasons why so many women today have reproductive cancers i.e. cervical and breast cancers and as a result of birth control pill exposure many women have lost their wombs as a result. Birth control pills according to a state of Utah study are linked to hysterectomy due to the fact that the chemical estrogens in the pill cause the very diseases i.e. cancer, fibroids, endometriosis that can warrant a woman getting the procedure done.

Are women more orgasmic as a result of the sexual liberation?

According to research, 78 percent of women are non-orgasmic during intercourse. Even more, more and more women are unable to orgasm, have low libido, or have what is known as general “female sexual dysfunction”. Women who got on the birth control pills as a result of the sexual liberation movement actually ended up being non-orgasmic, which the pill causes women to be. Those women taking the pill also end up attracting Mr. Wrong as modern research shows that women who use the pill actually ended up being unnaturally attracted to a man who would be unable to sexually fulfill them. Birth control pills have also caused many women to unnecessarily lose their womb which makes a woman totally unable to orgasm. So much for sexual liberation hunh?

Can women really have sex like men?

That is a relevant question. Can women have purely no string attached sex with many different men? Modern research shows that they cannot. When women have sex, they release a bonding, love chemical known as oxycotin which causes them to feel a feeling of attachment and connection to her particular partner. Men on the other hand do not release this chemical. Women overall do not enjoy casual sex as much as men do and some women report even feeling depressed after casual sex. To me this makes sense given that women are emotional beings. I have always believed that women can have casual sex but there is no way her emotions can be separated from this. Modern research shows this to be true.

Sexual liberation is a way deeper than just being able to have sex like men. That is a complete fraud. How come women who are celibate cannot be sexually free? What about a woman who decides to wait until marriage to have sex cannot they not be sexually free too? Absolutely they can because sexual liberation is mental and entails being at peace with your sexuality, embracing it, and overcoming negative sex programming, shame and guilt. For women, it is also about being sexually fulfilled and orgasmic something which the so-called sexual liberation movement did not bring. It is also about women feeling sexy which is now something to bought from a product. The propaganda message from the master manipulating corporations tells women that they are NOT sexy and thereby women need one of their cancer causing products to be sexier. Check out the great movie, America, the Beautiful. This is highly promoted via the tell-lie-vision. I offer you a quote from Wikipedia: In the late 1970s and 1980s newly won sexual freedoms were exploited by big business looking to capitalise on a more open society, with the advent of public pornography and hardcore.

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