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Terrorism in guise of night raids

Terrorism in guise of night raids

1-ghThe invading forces top commander, John Allen and stooge administration’s Defense Minister, Abdu-ur-Rahim Wardak in Afghanistan signed a deal Sunday, Apr. 08, 2012 supposedly giving the Afghan puppet forces authority over night raids on homes of Afghan civilians.
The head of the puppet administration, Karzai regarded this move as a great step towards the national sovereignty.
A day after this on Monday, Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby told reporters, "In practical terms, not much has changed." He pointed out that U.S. forces may only obtain an official warrant from an Afghan panel, and that the President Karzai will not hold "a veto" over U.S. night raids carried out in Afghanistan.
“This is not about [giving Afghan officials] a veto at all,” he said.
 Because Afghan law allows warrants to be issued retroactively, that is, the raids could take place before a warrant is obtained, he said
He explicitly said that although the warrants are required for the night raids in accordance with the deal but warrants can be obtained after rather than before the raids.
Lisa Curtis, a South Asia specialist at the Heritage Foundation believes that the US will retain control over night raids conducted by the CIA or associated paramilitary groups.
All the US national security analysts view the agreement as largely symbolic and which will ensure and justify the US permanent military presence after the withdrawal in 2014, however, the night raid operations will continue to happen as they used to do.
The puppet forces will apparently take initiating in the night raids but, in practice,  they will act on the order of the US invading commanders and allow the warrants of what the US invaders want them to be issued.  Afghan judicial officials will not be authorized to prevent the capture of civilians and that the instruction and permission of the US commanders will be sought before every night raid and release of a detainee captured in nigh raids.
In such circumstances, as they put it (quick reaction times) the US will hold the veto-power, that is, the US forces will have authority over the capture or release of the detainees.
Giving that, what may “the Afghans authority over night raids “signify? Will this “pact “not imply throwing dust into the eyes of Afghans and the world?
The “agreement” follows the martyrdom of the renowned sharia scholar, Ustad Qayam-ud-Din and the capture of his family members in Frayab district, Afghanistan suggesting that the existence of such “deal” has not changed the US strategy and attitudes in Afghanistan.
As a matter of fact, “night raid operation” is a form of state terrorism or terrorism, one of the most malicious of its kind the invading forces use for mass harassment, torture and massacre Afghan nation and disrespect of Afghan national culture which contradicts and violates Geneva and United Nations Conventions and all human rights.
According the western media account and statistics, the invading forces conducted 2200 night raids, involving the mass murder of thousands of innocent and defenseless civilians including children, women, and the aged within their compounds before very eyes of their family members, not to mention those held as captives who have disappeared as if vanished in the thin air.

Some western writers have taken the lid off few of  the invading forces shocking war crimes in a series most appalling and malicious ones committed by the invaders across Afghanistan. In one of the articles Jerome Starkey is quoted as saying that there was the heart-breaking incident in an outskirt of Gardez city in Paktia province of Afghanistan in which US forces conducted a night raid and brutally murdered two pregnant woman and a teenage girl and the US forces later claimed that it was done by Taliban, in attempt that the invaders would pin their crime on Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate.                       
 After investigations, a British journalist revealed that all victims were civilians and the two pregnant women and teenage girl’s bodies had been manipulated after their deaths in an attempted cover up so as to make it appear as if the crime had been committed by Taliban.
It is not clear how many other similar Afghan civilian casualties have been caused by the western invading forces and have been successfully covered up, as the article put it.
To put it simply, in the first place, do the western invading forces have any evidence to prove that the Afghan civilians detained and martyred during the night raids were or are involved in any destructive activities in America or Europe? If any, they are to come up with the proof, if not, on what grounds and under which law do the western invaders invade and break into the homes of Afghan civilians and martyr the Afghans in their own houses and homeland under the guise of war on terror and involve the Afghans in their own (invaders) brutal terrorism.
On the other hand, it is crystal clear that Mujahideen always conduct their operations during the day and their frontlines and bulwarks are open book across the country.
Why, then, the western invading forces pusillanimously invade civilian homes and murder defenseless Afghan children, women and men in night raids? Why not advance toward the frontlines of Mujahideen during the days (if man enough)?
Isn’t it (night raids) in itself a kind of admission of defeat of the US invaders despite their technological superiority and advanced and superior weaponry against Mujahideen resistance?
A puppet general in Kabul admits, ‘however they (Mujahideen) have upper hand in daytimes but nights are ours’
In fact, even the night raids are not in their (invaders and puppets) favor; nevertheless, Mujahideen are cautious and unwilling during the nights for the fear of taking out the civilians rather than the main targets due to darkness, for what a Mujahid never ever wish to happen is to martyr his own countryman (civilian) with his own hand.
In towns and villages of Afghanistan a characteristic tribal problem is personal enmity. The villagers sometimes , pursue rivalry and enmity  due to property or residential matter in which they seek revenge or  never forget personal enmity or violent hostility rises between cousins, particularly over family matter  or other tribal conflicts, as a result, an individual may link or associate his enemy, an ordinary villager with Mujahideen or as someone involving in the provision of food or shelter for Mujahideen and gets one or another ordinary civilian captured in the Name of Mujahideen commander or governor on the basis of false information provided to the invaders due to personal hostility or tribal conflict who (victim) may later turn out to be an ordinary villager, and about whom the invader may offer their apology saying that it was a mistake on their part and so on. Hundreds of such causes have taken place over and over again.
Thus, yet again, all the US officials and rulers and world nations are reminded that the prevailing ruthless war in the guise of war on terror is not only an illegitimate and colonial war but also an organized butchery and those murdered in this war are either the oppressed civilians or freedom fighters who have not done any harm, injustice and cruelty nor do they indent to do so. They are those with a clear political stance conforming to their religion and culture, who only want to lead a free life in their homeland in the light of such an Islamic system as to secure the rights of all Afghans and religious minorities which may be the hub of peace, justice and progress.
Denial of Afghans’  due rights is a denial of and violation of all human rights and United Nation Convention and amounts to an open hooliganism and explicit cruelty on the part of invading forces who continue with the same in Afghanistan every day.
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